Sail Away


Watercolour and Gouache on paper.

30 x 42 cm



In this watercolour painting of sky, the play of light and shadow brings the clouds to life. Their soft edges, tinged with the warm glow of a setting sun, beckon the viewer to embark on a journey of dreams and discovery.

I am drawn by the ever-changing sky, in a poetic dance of light, colour, and form.The moods of this watercolour painting, erratic and fluid was inspired by a sense of wanderlust and freedom.

The Empyrean Cloud Series

Clouds are a mesmerising tapestry of nature’s ethereal dance. These paintings are a window to the boundless beauty of the sky, an invitation to contemplate the wonders of the natural world with each passing moment.
Each canvas within the series unfolds a unique narrative of atmospheric drama. The play of sunlight and shadow, imparts a dynamic quality to the series, as if the clouds are in constant motion. In the sky I can see a parallel with life. Like in life motion is an ever-present force that shapes our experiences and perceptions. Like clouds in perpetual motion we navigate the currents of time and circumstance, constantly evolving and adapting.

This series of watercolour painting of skies not only celebrates the transient beauty of the sky but also serves as an exploration of the emotional depth and introspection that these celestial formations can evoke. In these paintings I invite the viewers to lose themselves in the vast expanse of atmospheric storytelling.


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