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  • Watercolour Painting

    Date Commencing: Wed 10th April Throughout this 10-week course you will learn how to paint what you see in its simplest form, recognise a good subject and translate it into a compelling watercolour.  You will develop simple watercolour techniques in a way that is both practical and inspirational.  All aspects of watercolour painting will be covered…

  • Gold Leaf in Visual Art: Radiant Beauty

    Gold Leaf in Visual Art: Radiant Beauty

    Gold leaf in Visual Art, with its captivating luminosity and timeless allure, has been a cherished medium in the palette of visual artists throughout history. Derived from beaten gold, this delicate material transcends mere aesthetics, carrying with it a rich cultural and artistic legacy. In contemporary visual arts, gold leaf has found renewed popularity as…

  • WaTercolour Society Art Exhibition

    WaTercolour Society Art Exhibition