Author: Neil Hainsworth

  • Gold Leaf in Visual Art: Radiant Beauty

    Gold Leaf in Visual Art: Radiant Beauty

    Gold leaf in Visual Art, with its captivating luminosity and timeless allure, has been a cherished medium in the palette of visual artists throughout history. Derived from beaten gold, this delicate material transcends mere aesthetics, carrying with it a rich cultural and artistic legacy. In contemporary visual arts, gold leaf has found renewed popularity as…

  • UWS exhibition

    UWS exhibition

    Please come along to this year’s exhibition, I will show 4 watercolour paintings inspired by women and freedom. ❤️✌️✌️ I hope to see you there, let me know if you can make it!

  • Join us for Autumn Classes

    Join us for Autumn Classes

    Classes at the Crescent Arts Centre are due to start for the Autumn/Winter term. There are many classes to choose from including Watercolour and Acrylic painting as well as Drawing & Painting the Portrait. You’ll find all the links to the respective classes below. Hope to see you there.