Author: Daniela Balmaverde

  • Drawing and Painting the Life Model

    Drawing and Painting the Life Model

    Date Commencing: Wed 10th April Through demonstrations and practice you will learn the basics of drawing and painting the Life Model.  Throughout the term you will gain confidence in your abilities while learning about proportions, taking measurements, negative space and tone. You will work with photos, sketches and life models to broaden your knowledge. All mediums are welcome. Please…

  • Watercolour Painting

    Watercolour Painting

    Date Commencing: Wed 10th April Throughout this 10-week course you will learn how to paint what you see in its simplest form, recognise a good subject and translate it into a compelling watercolour.  You will develop simple watercolour techniques in a way that is both practical and inspirational.  All aspects of watercolour painting will be covered…

  • WaTercolour Society Art Exhibition

    WaTercolour Society Art Exhibition
  • Crescent classes

    Crescent classes

    Classes are now sold out, please get in touch if you want to be added to the waiting list!