Summer Classes

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BBC Wonder Gallery

Today is the last day to submit your painting to the Wander Gallery, look below for info!

The Wonder Gallery is BBC Northern Ireland’s new digital art exhibition, a space to inspire creativity in young people aged between 4 and 18.

Every week, we’re inviting you to submit an electronic copy of a new piece of art you have created at home – it can be on paper with crayon, on canvas with paint, or digitally on a tablet or computer.

To keep you on your toes, an original theme will be set each weekend by an artist on BBC Radio Ulster’s The Culture Cafe.

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Her Other Language – Ruth Carr and Natasha Cuddington Editors

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Zoom Painting Classes

Here are some of the paintings demonstrated during the first week of classes.

I am glad that I give it a go to online teaching. Although we have to face some technical challenges and it was quite scary at the start this has been rewarding. I am very grateful to anyone that joined the classes and supported me in any way allowing me to do what I like most!

During these week I have done lots of demonstrations and started some online groups were everyone attending the classes could join and get feedback. I have to say that I am very impress in how students adapted to this new learning method and picked up new skills while painting from home!

Still life demonstrations…

For the bird and the owls we have been using a textural ground base of PVA and polyfilla. The octopus and the koy fishes were painted in watercolour with the addition of masking fluid, salt and cling film.

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New Classes

After popular demand I decided to add a Saturday afternoon beginner class.

Let me know if you want to sign up for this one! You can check my “Teaching” website page for more info.



Love Painting Beginners

Date: Saturday 09 May 2020 until Saturday 27 June 2020 (8 weeks)

Time: 2.30pm – 4.30pm

Price: Donations welcome


The start of 2020 has been particularly busy and I haven’t got the chance to post the paintings demonstrated in the classes. Apologies, I am just starting to catch up on work!

For the images below we used Watercolour, Acrylic and Brusho.  I personally enjoy to paint animals, so we did few to start the year! The cat and the turtle were particularly popular and everyone did really well.

I am looking forward to start now the new online classes, I was working today with the  equipment set up. This is going to be a new adventure!












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New Online Classes

Spring Term 2020

Hunt for paint and brushes in your house and get ready to paint together this May!



The social and connecting aspect of a Creative Learning activity is powerful, and particularly at a time of increased social isolation, is important to find ways to continue to provide connectivity, learning and fun, in a non-contact way.

In this contest I decided to run two online classes that will take place in Zoom.

These are:

Love Painting

Date: Saturday 09 May 2020 until Saturday 27 June 2020 (8 weeks)

Time: 10am – 12pm

Price: Donations welcome


Watercolour Painting

Date: Thursday 07 May 2020 until Thursday 25 June 2020 (8 weeks)

Time: 10am-12pm

Price: Donations welcome


To participate please contact me through the contact page on my website at .

Place are limited, book early to avoid disappointment!

These classes are free of charge but if you are able to make a contribution to support my work and materials I would greatly appreciate it. You can make a PayPal donation (I would suggest a £7 per class or £50 per 8 weeks) at, but please participate even if you cannot make any monetary contribution.

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Classes November – December 2019

Below there are some of the images I demonstrated in the watercolour and acrylic classes last couple of weeks.





Beautiful view from the City Hall from a south-westerly point. Acrylic and watercolour versions.


This watercolour was inspired by an old image of Belfast (probably early 90ths). I already painted this view with acrylic and collage two years ago but I like the image and I love to revisit it from time to time!


We loved to paint over a dark background with acrylic paint!


The owl was painted with a wax resist technique, watercolour and brusho powder.



Cat in watercolour and acrylic.


You can see some of my painting as well on my instagram account:


PM for enquires


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Watercolour Society Exhibition

I am delighted to have two paintings in the Watercolour Society’s Christmas Exhibition this month.

Come along to the official opening on Thursday 5th of December at the Curve Library from 7.00pm to 8.30pm.


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Classes November 2019

After a long break I am eventually managing to post an update of the classes, some of these images were painted before the midterm break, time fly!

Below are some of the landscapes painted by students in Brusho powder and watercolour during last month inspired by the late autumn colours.


These landscapes were painted in the watercolour class as demonstration.


As well few students in the classes tried for the first time to draw/paint a portrait this month. Challenging exercise but rewarding at the same time!


Below are some of the portraits I demonstrated in the class using watercolour- acrylic-charcoal and pen. Some of the drawings were as quick as two minutes!

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Classes September – October 2019

Just below is a landscape demonstration painted on week 2 of classes . For this one we used acrylic paint, roller, spray bottle and palette knife.


These demonstrations were painted in “Brusho” pastels and some acrylic paint.


Here there are some of the students works painted in Brusho and acrylic.


Finally, featured below are paintings and drawings from the portrait class.

In the class we work with pictures, life models and even self portrait.

Week 4 and everyone is doing great!

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