The Blackbird of Belfast Lough Poem

Thank you @Seán Griffin for the beautiful poem, it capture the sculpture’s soul.

I hope to see soon this poem displayed @the Ormeau Library beside the sculpture!


I catch her often,
gathered within
her makeshift bower;
hollow figure in reverie,
unmindful of intrusion.
Features, unfinished,
a splintered identity
still hold some
sense of self.
Her left hand, her only hand,
clasping an open book;
her face engaged
in reading;
held captive
by undiscovered words.
Her body, what’s left of it,
inclines forward
connecting with the tome
as she immerses
into another state.
On her shoulder,
a silent blackbird slants,
echoing her gaze,
perusing the cryptic page
in search of meaning.
Faltering leaves now fall
about her
from a pendent elm;
languid autumnal
flaming russet.
The mesmerising page,
carries her to a place
where an
incomplete woman
is made



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Painting Classes November-December 2018

The last few classes were an eclectic mix of dancers, cyclists, swimmers, horses and few other experiments! Below are some of the demonstrations painted in the classes.

We are off now for Christmas but I am hoping to see you in the New Year for more painting!




















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Almost Ready!


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New Solo Exhibition


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Painting Classes September 2018

After a long summer break I am back teaching at the Crescent arts Centre. September has been very busy although is great to see that everyone is back more enthusiastic then ever!

Below are few demonstrations painted in the class. The sheep has been particularly loved by the students.


Apples in Acrylic:


Apples in Watercolour and Brusho:



Acrylic paint inspired by Courbet:



Pears: Brusho and Watercolour:


Pears: Brusho and Acrylic


Watercolour inspired by Terry Harrison:


Sheep in Watercolour


Sheep in Acrylic


Rhino in watercolour


Seascape: Acrylic


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Painting Classes: June 2018

During the last two weeks of classes we have been working with portraits: from life and photos. The images below are demonstrations done in ink, watercolour and soft pastels. Most students found the portraits challenging but rewarding.

I am looking forward now for a break before to teach the painting summer week at the beginning of August.




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Painting Classes May 2018

This month in the classes we have been enjoyed playing with Brusho powder.

Below are the demonstrations painted combining Brusho powder with watercolour, acrylic and collage. Great fun!












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